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Add & Delete Events
To Add an Event, simply press +, enter your Event details and then press back to Save.
Deleting is just as easy. Swipe left in the Table or press Delete while editing an Event
Customize Event List
Accessing the Settings Menu provides you with all of the options to configure Days Until to your personal liking.
Don't forget about Groups. They offer further customization
Share Events
Sharing is a great way to enjoy your Events and can also be used as a way to remind your Friends.
Just make sure you are logged into Facebook, Twitter or have an active Email account. You can check this in the Settings App on your device
Days Until is all about customization. You can either create everything yourself or use the built-in Templates to quickly get your Events setup, looking beautiful and ready for Sharing.
Along with the background image the Templates will set your font, colors and positioning. All in one tap!
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